New Leaf

by Rebuker

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Cameron Austin
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Cameron Austin Three years since this came out, and I still consider this to be one of my favorite records/bands. From the lyrics to the sound to the artwork etc, this album is one of the most cohesive and boundary-shattering records of the chaotic hardcore genre. I find it rather sad how overlooked this record was, but I’m forever thankful for this band. Favorite track: Despite this Depression.
Andrew thumbnail
Andrew Something different for once, and made by honest christian dudes. Can't be better guys. Favorite track: Till to Your Land.
Jordan Stringfellow
Jordan Stringfellow thumbnail
Jordan Stringfellow Rebuker.... they outdid themselves. I find myself listening to this album over and over again and diving into its depth. Raw, Gritty, Filthy, and Passionate hardcore! Support this now! This has been one of my favorite albums if not my favorite of all time. It is perfect lyrically, musically, and just aesthetically pleasing. I need more!! Favorite track: You're the Flower (b).
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released April 24, 2015

All songs were tracked live, with the exception of vocals and auxiliary instrumentation, by Rebuker
All songs written by Rebuker
Engineered by Matt Goldman at Glow in the Dark Studios in Atlanta
Produced by Matt Goldman and Josh Scogin
Recording took place in late 2014 to early 2015
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Rebuker Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Till to Your Land
I am a monument
In a field of dead grass
I bleed out innocence
It rids me of the past

I'd rather live a quiet life
Cast myself out in the fields
Men will always have to till the land to see what yields

Reciprocally altruistic shadow of a man
You fester on your shallow thoughts
You lie because you can
It's easier to say something than actually believe it
Let's start peeling back some layers
Maybe then our God will see us


If you need an ear, call down from the river
I'll be in the fields, call out to me brother
But If you need a hand, you shouldn't bother
Mine will crumble at sight of one of His daughters
I am a monument
I am just a monument
Track Name: Pay Heed to the Divide, Crawl Back Into
I hate the quiet times
The lowly shade
That brings the night
Where I grow tired

I’ve noticed a crack start to form
small as could be
and while it rains it does collect
that which I give to thee

I hate the quiet times
but it’s all I have

I’m sorry I’ve not much to give
If you wish to leave, please go
this seemingly wide precipice
Is all I have to show

Is this it?
Track Name: The Hole in Which You Wish to Die
If hell's inside my eyes
So I tear them out
What beauty will I be without?
If dreadful flaw I will lack
Let my surroundings turn to black
Oh wholesome worm, climb back inside
any hole you can confide

Refuge from the world and all its sad people
Leaves it the way it is and so I weep still
No man remains an island
Who's voice makes it past the ceiling

No man is an island (keeping his own ground)

If man can’t see life where he goes to die
How can he know where his soul will lie?
Oh death, are you a piece of this land?
Or are you above it?
Something not to be wasted away.
I hear you when I sing
I feel you in everything

Oh death,
I hear you when I sing
I feel you in everything
Track Name: (Covet)
Selfish lovers always grow apart and covet

The same skin confines us all

Track Name: I am the River (a)
Im a stilled river
That you called home
My reservoirs are empty
I'd rather be alone

So if you find me
Before I'm gone
Know that I'm just lying
To try to get along

Now the lady
That's dressed in white
Will drown her unborn baby
My waters end the fight

And if you find me
And I'm alive
Just know that I've been lying
To try to feel contrived

You're the stone
Beaten down
And made smooth by all I've forced you
To become
But now I'm dry
Can you see it?


I can be the reservoir
It takes all of me
To build back up again
Just to let you be
To keep your vessel up
I just hope you see that
I am the reservoir
It takes all of me
To let someone new come in
Maybe they'll be different
But I don’t think they will
So I gave up

I prayed I’d become a stone like you
I prayed I’d become a stone
We’d grow dull on each other
Track Name: You're the Flower (b)
Notice the flower
I leave it there
But steal a petal
I feel that's fair
There must be something that binds us
Callous and fragile
The flower and I
When one gets selfish
the other dies
There must be something that binds us
There must be something

Do the flowers heed these songs of affectations
What are their expectations of me?
I can't seem to find time to myself now
Are there more lies to tell now so I can still believe?

I see you, the black dog in my bedroom
You're here to take my bridegroom away from me
This veil of my childhood days is frail now
Are there more lies to tell now so I can still believe?

There must be something that binds us
There must be something

Notice the flower
as it's picked apart
Just for the sake of
some fleeting art.
Forever indifferent
Track Name: Despite this Depression
I feel they’re out for me
and this castle
I made from dirt
Don’t you like it?

Everything I’ve made can fall through my hands
Ecclesiastical praise
One day I’ll learn how to deal with this
constant malaise

I take a look at you
like the first time
from this angle
you look a lot like me

Everything I’ve made can fall through my hands
Ecclesiastical praise
One day I’ll learn how to deal with this
constant malaise

I feel like my skin is growing even thinner
I feel like my skin is growing thin

Everything I’ve made can fall through my hands
Ecclesiastical praise
One day I’ll learn how to deal with this
constant malaise
Track Name: The Fire that Burns the Both of Us
I light a fire just to watch it burn
It's a reminder of the ashes to which I'll return
Familiar stranger
It was a pleasure to burn

My possessions, like sand, will fall through my hands
What's the point of it all when He'll change my plans
Try as I might I see only a man
It's worthless
I'll be hiding in the wine press
Come down and find me angel
Mock me
Show me
That there's something worth seeing
In this place I feel is fleeting
Why stay here?
Track Name: (Fearful Symmetry)
Familiar stranger
Face changer
Paint not in greyscale
Broad strokes betray, my brother
A broken mirror still shows death masked in color
Oh, to be blissfully ignorant
Familiar stranger
Track Name: Back Into the Earth
Burn my body when I die
(You're fine without me)
Throw my ashes to the wind
(You're fine)
It doesn't matter where they land
(You're fine without me)
I'll be happier there my friend

My whole life I've been searching
For where I feel to be
Now I've made peace with the sirens
Who draw me out to sea

Scatter my body
Shatter my body

No matter where I go I just never feel at home here
O peace, laugh at me, laugh at me
How bad would it be to get to the end and find out it’s not worth it?
It's not worth it

(And to he who scatters my body
Tell no one of my will
For inside me lies a glass
That's far to deep to fill)
Track Name: What are We Worth?
What's left of a family?
At the end of the day
Blood is thicker than water
So we lie to ourselves and say
Well we drink after one another
And share a last name
But what's the point of this cycle
If we don't feel a thing
There must be something that binds us
Together as a whole
For I walk outside and see a beauty
That I can’t seem not to know
If everything is beautiful
From far away
Then don’t get closer
For when you turn gray
You’ll lose sight of this dependence
Of this stifling host
How ironic is it that it’s the
One who gave you life that you hate the most
Because they had an obligation
To make things work
It’s not the seeds fault
That it was planted in the dirt
And what of the orphan
Without another by his name
Does he really have no family
Even though he bares no blame
For the fact that he was left here
Young and alone
By grace he's been given
A giving place to call his own

Milk seed and honey,
Rob the grave
Your sons and daughters
Can't save themselves
From being called liars
Callous lovers

Till to your land
Pay heed to the divide
Crawl back in the hole
In which you wish to die
For if I am the river
And you're the flower
Despite this depression
I'll put out the fire
That burns the both of us
And puts us back into the earth
And we will live out our lives
Without knowing what we're worth

(there must be something that binds us)

Rob the grave

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